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What is this?

A Zola-based (with a heavily modified adidoks theme) replacement for LINMOBapps.frama.io - the goal is an app directory for Linux Phones like the PinePhone and Librem 5, which

  • performs well on these phones (linmobapps did not) ☑️,
  • allows for easier contributions for developers and users,
  • provides more information and requires less maintenance.

It's up and runnning at linuxphoneapps.org!

Please join this project and contribute!


How to get this running locally to hack on it?

  • Install the latest release of Zola (Linux Distro packaging status)
  • Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/linuxphoneapps/linuxphoneapps.org.git (or fork it first and ssh clone your fork)
  • cd linuxphoneapps.org
  • Install the adidoks theme:
    git submodule init && git submodule update
  • After that, running zola serve should get the site up and running!

To get the dependencies for the checkers use:

  pip install checkers/requirements.txt

How does this roughly work?

  • content contains subfolders for the content, e.g. apps, docs or further info on taxonomies
  • templates contains the templates that render that content. For building templates, check out the documentation for Zola and Tera, Zola's templating language.
  • config.toml defines a bunch of base variables for the site,
  • themes is not a working directory, but only the place the adidoks theme gets cloned to.

How to add apps or games?

See Contributing, mainly Submit Apps on GitLab and Listings explained.

App listings live in content/apps/, game listings live in content/games/.

What can I help with?

See the open issues.

Remaining roadmap (see previous revisions of this document for more)

3. Pie in the Sky