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based on [beattie's earlier model](
WIP phone case for the PinePhone, and associated models.
- dimensions.scad: dimensions used to build phone module
- bits.scad: modules for the bumps on the phone to make holes in the case
- fillet.scad: form a rounded bump around the screen opening
- phone.scad: a module to make a model of the phone use to carve out a hole for the case
- case.scad: make a model for the case
- case.scad: top-level/entrypoint.
- defaults.scad: tunable settings which affect the detail of the model.
- dimensions.scad: measurements of the actual PinePhone, used to assemble the bits.
- phone.scad: model of the actual PinePhone itself; the case is made by constructing a shell from this model.
- bits.scad: models of all the cutouts/extrusions which exist on the phone. i.e. buttons, ports, camera.
## use
- compile the scad to stl:
make build/case.stl
- slice the stl file using slic3r:
make build/case.gcode
- then send `build/case.gcode` to your printer.